A Year of TV Shows

If you love TV shows or don’t feel up to the 365 Movie Challenge, you can try our Year of TV Shows.   For this challenge, we are going to watch a new TV show each month of the year.  That means 12 new shows to get your teeth into. If you have seen the TVRead More

A Year of Fandom Challenges

As I was scrolling through Reddit the other day, I came across r/365movies and thought that sounds like a lot of fun.   So what is this all about?   The challenge is to watch a different movie every day for an entire year.  There are no restrictions on what you can watch or if you haveRead More

Christmas Gifts For Netflix Bingers

Who doesn’t love Netflix?  The streaming giant has brought us great shows over the years from Stranger Things to Orange Is the New Black to The Umbrella Academy.   While everyone likes to watch what they have on offer, some people love to binge on Netflix more.  If you know one of these bingers, you mightRead More

Horror Movies That Will Keep You Up At Night

With Halloween comes scary movies.  A lot of the horror movies use jump scares which is very effective.  There is nothing that gets the heart rate up as much as the killer/poltergeist jumping out of nowhere.   If this is not for you, there is a different horror movie lurking out there.  These are the moviesRead More